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I offer workshops to corporations and private coaching sessions for individuals.

All workshops/presentations can be customized to match your team and industry. I've also been known to run hack-a-thons, intra/entrepreneurship trainings, and workshops on evaluating and creating your online brand. And, when things are really quiet, I'm happy to do an individual consultation/rewrite* with you on cover letters and how your social media profiles line up with how you are pitching yourself to potential employers.


*If you are currently unemployed due to covid/downsizing, I will happily do a 20- minute consultation on one cover letter & resume for free.

Are you Sushi or Bait?

How do you value yourself and to what extent you are living your purported values? Through simple exercises that help you see where you are misaligned, we determine which priorities you chose and which priorities were inadvertently picked up along the way.


A great exercise for work teams that are having trouble all getting on the same page.  

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What if the customer were always right?

Finding happiness through treating everyone in your life like a customer who is always "right" as a way to stop railing against "what is" and making yourself crazy by ranting about the things you cannot change.


This workshop is especially good for stopping the toxic water-cooler chatter (even if the toxic water-cooler is hiding in your own head). 

How and when to 86 a frenemy.

Toxic relationships, when to try and learn from them and when to let them go.

Some people come into your life to teach you a lesson. Sometimes the lesson is not to spend any more time or energy on them. 

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